10 Benefits of Mobility Scooters


Mobility scooters can make it easier for people with mobility difficulties to get around. They are stylish, highly functional and attractive to look at. However, beyond these, they offer a host of other benefits.

Are you looking to get a mobility aid for a loved one or yourself but are still not sure which to go with? Here are 10 great benefits of mobility scooters.


The most difficult aspect of using a mobility aid is getting on and off. The best ones are those that allow easy access off and on. Unlike regular wheelchairs, mobility scooters have seats that swivel and are adjustable in height.

This feature makes it relatively easy for people with decreased mobility to get on or off, or switch over to other mobility aids.

What’s more, some mobility scooters can be dismantled. This allows for easy transportation from one location to the other. It also saves space.

Ease of Use

Many people find mobility scooters easy to control and operate. Mobility scooters allow for easy movement and participation in day to day activities with minimal strength requirements.

Increased Independence

Increased independence has a way of boosting the psychological well-being of persons with limited mobility. It feels great to leave the house when it suits you, attend social gatherings, and go grocery shopping without waiting around for assistance.

Mobility scooters are designed to improve independence, as well as serve as a safe mood of transport. They are ideal for individuals who tire easily. Moreover, they help make life easier for caregivers.

Faster Healing & Recuperation

For individuals with limited mobility resulting from an injury, surgery or illness, a mobility scooter may be ideal. It enables the necessary movement from place to place with limited physical exertion. This, in turn, allows for a faster and more comfortable healing process as it reduces strain on the joints and muscles.


The walking speed of the average person is 3-5 km/h. This means that mobility aid users need to reach a speed of 5-6 km/h to keep up with family and friends on the go. While this achievable with manual wheelchairs, it relies on the arm/shoulder strength and stamina of the user. Thus, keeping up can be very tiring for longer distances.

Mobility scooters can reach walking speeds by just the push of a button. This helps preserve the strength of users on days of outing, so they can socialize and have fun.


Beyond aiding mobility, mobility scooters give room for a range of accessories to be used with ease. For instance, baskets, lockable boxes, and bags can be attached to enable the easy and safe carrying of belongings or shopped items. They can also support oxygen tank holders without inconveniencing the user.

Simplify day to day activities

With decreased mobility, carrying out or partaking in day to day activities can become very daunting. Tasks such as grocery shopping, attending social functions as well as getting outside to take a breath of fresh air may need to be forgone.

Mobility scooters make it possible to carry out these activities with ease, without relying on anyone. It is important to note that mobility scooters are not the best choice of mobility aids for all individuals. Seek advice from your therapist or healthcare provider to know what’s best for you.

No Registration or License

Mobile scooters are restricted to a speed of 10km/hr and to operate on pedestrian areas only. Due to this fact, they are not regarded as vehicles and hence, do not require a license or registration. It is important to recognise that operating a mobility scooter safely does require a certain level of functional vision, ability to identify hazards and respond to them, and ability to physically operate the scooter. It is recommended that you seek advice from your therapist or healthcare provider to ensure that a scooter is a safe option for you.

Wide range of features and models

Mobility scooters are available in a wide range of models as well as features to carter to the ever-varying need of users. From the small, light and foldable scooters (for shopping and home use) that can be transported easily, to heavy-duty mobility scooters that can maneuver steep and difficult terrains.

With the wide range of options available, users can narrow down their search to the type that best fits their needs.

Improve Comfort

For persons with certain mobility problems, canes and walkers may prove to be reliable solutions. However it can be difficult to mobilise long distances in comfort with a walking aid and for some people a mobility scooter is beneficial as an alternative to a walking aid. Mobility scooters can give a great boost to your quality of life, as they provide the enablement to go anywhere, at any time.

Still not sure if a mobility scooter will make a perfect fit? Read our post on the “Benefits of Manual and Powered Wheelchairs” to help you further narrow down your search.

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