A Decision Tree for Power Wheelchair Prescription

Ashleigh Haskins
By Ashleigh Haskins

Sometimes the process of working out what type of power wheelchair is needed and what features should be considered can be daunting for therapists new to prescribing assistive technology. David Quach (Occupational Therapist, Aspire Rehab / www.aspirerehab.com.au) has developed this wonderful decision tree which prompts us on the questions that should be asked when scripting power wheelchairs, and provides a guide on what type of power wheelchair and any features that should be considered.

David has many years of clinical experience prescribing assistive equipment, and has generously allowed us to share this wonderful resource.

Stayed tuned for upcoming blog posts over the next few weeks where we’ll also share the Decision Trees that David has developed for use when prescribing manual wheelchairs and power assist devices.

Your GTK consultant can also help you through the power wheelchair prescription process. Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance.


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Ashleigh Haskins
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