The Power of Family Support when prescribing sleep systems for children


When it comes to trying out a new sleep system for a child, there's a hidden superhero in the picture – the family. Carer and family involvement is important for all assistive technology prescriptions but with sleep systems it isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s crucial in making sure the sleep system will meet the child’s goals or simply even be used at all. 

Here's why family and carer support is as essential as the sleep system itself:

Collaboration and Decision-Making: No-one knows a child better than their family. Parents and family members bring priceless insights into a child's daily routines, sleep habits, and unique needs. When they actively participate in the process, it becomes a collaborative effort. Decisions about selecting and using a sleep system can be made with the child's best interests in mind, enhancing the chances of finding the perfect sleep system option.

Consistency of use: When carers and family members are on board, you've got a secret weapon for consistent and proper usage of the sleep system. They understand the benefits and are more likely to stick to the recommended routines and guidelines. This consistency is the key to achieving the desired results and getting the most out of the sleep system.

Monitoring and Observation: Parents and family are the child's frontline caregivers. They spend quality time with them, which means they can keep a close eye on the child's comfort, behaviour, and any changes during the trial period. Their feedback becomes invaluable, helping clinicians to make informed adjustments to fine-tune the sleep system's effectiveness.

Emotional Support and Comfort: Trying out a new sleep system can be a challenging adjustment for both the child and the family. That's where carer and family support steps in. It provides emotional reassurance, creating a safe, trusting, and comforting space to ease the transition and help feel more at ease with the new system.

Long-Term Success and Integration: The impact of family buy-in doesn't fade after the trial period or soon after the equipment is delivered. When parents and family members are able to be a part of the prescription process, they're more likely to embrace the system as a long-term solution. Their ongoing commitment to the use of the sleep system in daily life will lead to lasting benefits.

In a nutshell, parental and family support isn't just a bonus; it's a critical factor when introducing a new sleep system to a child. Their collaboration, consistency, monitoring, emotional backing, and long-term commitment hold the key to the system's effectiveness and making sure it doesn’t end up collecting dust in a cupboard.


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