A Decision Tree for Prescribing Power Assist Devices

Ashleigh Haskins
By Ashleigh Haskins

Our last of the excellent Decision Trees developed by David Quach (Occupational Therapist, Aspire Rehab) is about scripting power assist devices. This Decision Tree helps determine what type of power assist device could be most suitable for an individual, which is very helpful considering that the different types and designs of power assist will usually suit differing needs. David has also helpfully compiled a list of questions to consider when prescribing power assist devices.

David has many years of clinical experience prescribing assistive equipment, and has generously allowed us to share this wonderful resource.

The Decision Tree David developed for Power Wheelchairs is available here, and the Decision Tree for Manual Wheelchairs available here.

Your GTK consultant can also help you through the power wheelchair prescription process. Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance.

Power Wheelchair Tree

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Ashleigh Haskins
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